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icon I've been redoing all the screencaptures in high resolution 960*720 pixels!
This website now not only has season II and III but I'm slowly working my way through season I: four episodes at a time.
Any higher resolution makes my computer freeze as the temporary output is huge: 6GB for a 400MB file.

To anyone wondering: I'm using the "batch method" where you find a version of VirtualDub that can handle your type of video files, set the frame rate to decimate by 10 then export approximately 3000 jpg files -approx 1GB of data in total- per half hour of video. This takes 20 mins (set to lower priority if you don't want your computer to freeze). You then choose the best images from the episode by browsing with largest thumbnails and Ctrl-Selecting them to another folder. This takes half hour of careful concentration. You then add a watermark with PictureShark, rename with RenameMaster and upload. This takes another half hour as I only get 70-100kb upload speed but this is done in the background. [All software is freeware]
You can also assign a hotkey to the command "" and browse frame by frame with the arrow keys but that requires naming each new image as you save, it doesn't auto increment.

There's another option: Media Player Classic has an "auto save image" hot key (go to options to find out which key it is as this can change from build to build - F5 on mine) but jumping from frame to frame has to be set in View > Options > Tweaks; set Jump Distances: Middle to 500ms and use Ctrl + arrow keys to navigate. However moving backwards will not display the frames so you have to jump backwards a bit then run forwards slowly. Not very easy to use and time consuming.

icon Hi to anyone reading! I'm not doing much at the moment but when I do it's usually uploaded to Flickr:
*Saffy*. Get yours at